SEATRACES is an Interreg Atlantic Area Project aimed at demonstrating to stakeholders (production, industry, markets) and consumers that Labelling and Traceability are essential to protect and valorize Atlantic Area’s fisheries and aquaculture. SEATRACES will develop a set of tools for implementing traceability and Seafood Labelling using smart-phone and other innovative technologies, thus facilitating a Sustainable Seafood Production

What we do

The SEATRACES consortium is composed by experts in different areas, such as those related to fisheries sustainability and conservation, genetic authentication of marine organisms, consumer studies, certification of traceability, bivalve aquaculture as well as government agencies dealing with fisheries, and official control laboratories for foods, working together for developing new and standardised authentication techniques, implementing a European virtual facility for seafood authentication and demonstrating the benefits of seafood traceability and labelling.