The SEATRACES Interreg Atlantic Area project is organising the Seafood Traceability and Consumers online workshop, which will take place on Thursday 17 June 2021 and will be hosted by the University of Aberdeen.

The aim of the workshop is to engage consumer-facing organisations about the latest trends and debates in traceability and to advance our understanding of the role of consumer values and practices on traceability.

The workshop will highlight the latest innovations in seafood traceability and how these can support more informed seafood consumer movements. Content will include updates from the SEATRACES team on latest developments, techniques and control measures in traceability. More specifically:

  1. Understanding evolving EU regulations and their impact on seafood labelling.
  2. Presenting the results from a SEATRACES Atlantic area survey on consumer awareness, values and preferences.
  3. Identifying mechanisms for consumers to be engaged to support traceability.
  4. Supporting consumer focused organisations to respond to traceability challenges & develop strategies.
  5. We are delighted to announce that the registration platform is ready and open to accept registrations.

Please visit the workshop’s website, where you can find more information about the workshop and the links that will take you to the registration page

Workshop’s website